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Know Limits Lab

Providing quality education to your children does not necessarily mean taking them to school. Home schooling with age-appropriate groups offers a gateway to quality education, individual empowerment, and confidence in a supportive and nurturing environment. 

Our home-schooling program enables all students to be supervised and supported while still allowing individuals to work at their own pace. Students will be given the necessary time to adequately develop true understanding of concepts, and be provided the opportunity to experience success and learn in a format that is best suited to them. This learning environment also facilitates social interactions in a non-threatening environment, with like-minded individuals who are struggling to learn and to fit in the mainstream school system.

DyslexAbility has produced two home-schooling models: 

Five (5) 4-hour sessions per week; or 

A hybrid session where students attend three days per week (4-hour sessions) and still attend their regular school. 

The curriculum followed is aligned to the Victorian Education Departments standards for each grade level. There are many reasons why students may benefit from DyslexAbility’s home-schooling program. These include: 

  • home-schooling provides emotional freedom 

  • students are not socially isolated 

  • students’ schedules are flexible 

  • students learn at their own pace 

  • students' learning needs are catered for 

  • students become more independent 

  • students learn to build relationships with peers 

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