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Soul Symphonies

The Soul Symphonies program is designed to improve literacy, reading, aural (verbal) memory, spatial skills, self-regulation, physical health, as well as psychological wellbeing. Learning music in a group situation is consistently associated with advancements in comprehension, executive function, empathy, social inclusion, prosocial behaviour, and encourages disillusioned learners. 

Our music intervention specialist will place students in age-appropriate groups, and provide them the opportunity to securely communicate their feelings vocally and nonverbally. This will help to improve their emotional regulation - especially for those who cannot verbalise their feelings due to developmental delays, neurodiversity, cognitive impairment, or other conditions. 

These include: 

  • reducing anxiety or stress 

  • regulating moods and energy levels 

  • increasing motivation 

  • managing anger and frustration 

  • improving physical speech function 

  • increasing social communication skills 

  • improving gross and fine motor function and control 

  • increasing core executive functions

  • increasing memory and attention 

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