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The Hidden Giggle

Social skills therapy guides students on how to collaborate with others, act in various social situations, and in understanding how to make good choices. Our social skills groups will be led by facilitators who will teach students to develop social competencies with the ability to read emotions, cooperate, make friends, and negotiate conflicts. 

All activities are planned with the goal of providing

first-hand experiences with turn-taking, self-regulation, teamwork, and perspective-taking. Students will be guided to communicate authentically; an experience that, over time, can lead to improved confidence and social fluency - especially for those who struggle due to developmental delays, neurodiversity, cognitive impairment, or other conditions.

Social skills facilitators will help students practise the following skills: 

  • greeting others 

  • starting conversations 

  • being able to respond to others appropriately 

  • being able to maintain conversations 

  • sharing and taking turns 

  • assertiveness 

  • problem-solving and conflict management/resolution 

  • accepting accountability 

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