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Writing Sessions

The writing sessions at DyslexAbility will be taught by an experienced and certified literature teacher who will give one-on-one explicit instruction developing students’ confidence and honing their writing craft. Given the undivided attention of a private writing coach, students will benefit from a tailored approach towards all styles of writing and be taught the art of essay writing, a skill many of our dyslexic and ASD students really struggle with. All four-writing genres will be covered: narrative, informative/explanatory, persuasive and transactional. These writing sessions will provide students experience with many different writing styles which are not only required skills for their everyday classes, but also many assessment tests (including the dreaded Naplan!).

Our goal will be to challenge, encourage, and support every student to develop the craft of storytelling and writing, regardless of age or writing ability. Our unique approach will focus first and foremost on teaching young writers the craft of storytelling and writing using hands-on, fun, and engaging activities to inspire a passion for writing. Once we’ve stirred up some excitement for telling stories and writing with the aid of technology, we will then dive deeper into the technical side of writing styles and essay techniques.

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