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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you help with homework?
    DyslexAbility is a specialised educational intervention facility. As such, we do not help with homework provided by schools, as our priority is addressing knowledge gaps and providing the vital tools and skills necessary to succeed in a broader context.
  • Do you provide homework?
    We provide homework packs for students to complete, covering the skills introduced in their most recent lesson. However, this may not occur after every lesson, as students sometimes require multiple sessions to properly grasp a new concept. Homework packs are only provided for practise, and are a supplementary reinforcement tool, to be governed by parents/carers. Completion is not compulsory, but certainly advised.
  • Do you provide Progress Reports?
    Yes. We provide progress reports at the end of each semester (Term 2 and Term 4).
  • Do you communicate with my child's school?
    While we do not usually initiate contact, we do encourage open communication and collaboration with your child’s classroom teacher and/or other appropriate school-based personnel. It is the parent’s responsibility to have them contact DyslexAbility to establish communication. ​ All personal information is confidential and will not be shared without parental permission.
  • Can you provide a Letter of Support, Recommendation or Accommodation?
    DyslexAbility is happy to provide letters of support, supplemental reports and/or classroom accommodations lists for an additional $100 (including GST).
  • What if we need to cancel a session?
    While we understand that clients have outside commitments or illnesses that may prevent them from coming to their sessions, we cannot fill these spots with other clients due to the nature of the ongoing and specialised lessons each participant requires. Therefore, the following payment and cancellation policy applies: All sessions not cancelled by DyslexAbility must be paid in full regardless of attendance. If cancelled by us, you will receive a full refund for the cancelled session.
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