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Extended Interventions

Early Years Literacy

For students aged 3-7,

Little Bookworms literacy classes follows an evidence-based program that ensures your child gets the best foundation for their future learning.

Art Therapy

The creative process of visual art-making is a healing and expressive form of communicating feelings and thoughts in ways that spoken language cannot.

Music Therapy

Learning music has been found to directly and automatically improve aural (verbal) perception, language skills and phonological skills. It has also been strongly associated with improvements in: literacy, reading, aural memory, spatial skills, self-regulation, physical health, as well as psychological wellbeing. 

Early Years Numeracy

For students aged 3-7, this program utilises an effective and successful maths curriculum that sets your child up for success.


If your child is experiencing school refusal and you are considering homeschooling as an alternate pathway, DyslexAbility can offer a solution - Know Limits Lab. 

Social Skills

Led by accredited facilitators, our social skills groups will improve social interactions such as initiating and maintaining conversations with peers in order to reduce anxiety and continue to build functional capacity.

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