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Maths Homework Help

Introducing Maths Homework Help


Is your child 6 months or more behind their peers in maths?

Are they complaining that they are bored in maths class?

Do they need help to complete their homework?

DyslexAbility has the answer!


Build your child’s math confidence with our new maths sessions, 

Maths Homework Help!


Parents and teachers may find that students have gaps in prior knowledge that prevent them from accessing the big ideas and skills necessary for their grade-level math content. In Maths Homework Help sessions, our Practitioners will address this deficit through a thoughtfully built-in intervention plan that builds into the grade-level content, teaching maths as series of connections activating and strengthening prior knowledge.


Our sessions are designed to be a stop gap solution which will provide just-in-time intervention to help students struggling with their current maths class work and homework skills. Timely intervention to fill missing gaps will help students whether they are struggling in class or are at the top of their class and need that extra enrichment!


Students will be provided specific help with homework and given explicit instruction, guidance, and support with maths skills and concepts that they are currently struggling with in their class maths level. It will cater to both primary and secondary students focusing on individual needs in a one- on -one setting. 


Maths Homework Help will provide targeted intervention where it is needed and when it is needed. 


Other benefits include:


• Encourages students to self-learn.

• Enables time management skills.

• Boosts the scope of knowledge retention.

• Builds mental discipline.

• Encourages logical reasoning and mental rigour.

• Provides in-depth conceptual understanding.

• Helps to track academic performance.

• Encourages practice and motivates revision.

• Homework teaches students to be responsible.

• Develops persistence in students.

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