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Maths Intervention

Has your child ever come home stressing that Mathematics is too hard? Have they ever said, ‘I don’t understand it’ and you spend countless hours trying to explain and help them with their homework?

At DyslexAbility, we run a one-on-one “Maths-U-See” program taught by maths specialists who are certified in this program. “Maths-U-See” is multi-sensory, meaning each learner uses real objects, rather than just learning from a book and trying to conceptualise. All manipulatives (hands-on tools) are adaptable to suit all learning styles and knowledge levels and have been proven to be incredibly effective for everyone.

Each learner is pre-screened and is provided with their individual pathway to success. Gaps are quickly identified and a strong focus on the areas that are not yet developed are practiced until mastery and confidence is demonstrated. Students are given time to verbalise their thought processes, have guided practise time and are provided with immediate corrective feedback. Each learner develops a deeper, more satisfying, and concrete understanding of concepts. Math becomes concrete, useful, and relevant to their everyday lives which helps learners feel more engaged, empowered, and confident in their math ability.

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